Department of Psychology and Pedagogy

Anastasia Bolshakova

Head of Department,
Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor

Phone: (057) 712-13-88
E-mail: kafistxdak@ukr.net

Today, specialists in psychology are in demand in almost every all sphere of human activities: education, economics, law, politics, health care, industry, show business, social relations, personal life.

The purpose of the professional activities of the psychologist is ensuring mental well-being and full functioning of the individual.

Main areas of the psychologist's professional activities:
- psychological counseling for individuals and organizations;
- psychological diagnostics and correction of personal problems;
- psychological support for the professional activities of musicians, actors, choreographers, directors, etc.;
- psychological provision of artistic competition projects on television;
- work with staff in organizations (selection of staff, motivation, team vuilding, organization of negotiations);
- psychological support of various types of professional activities (mass media, advertising, political and PR activities, activities of specialists in extreme situations);
- promoting personal development of children and adults;
- psychological rehabilitation (overcoming the consequences of serious illnesses, injuries, addictions, psycho-traumatic situations).

Career opportunities:
- psychological centers, public and commercial counseling centers for psychological assistance;
- educational and scientific institutions;
- medical institutions and rehabilitation centers;
- centers for work with children and adolescents (diagnosis and correction of psychological problems in school, family, with peers);
- organizations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
- political organizations (election technologies, advertising, PR, consulting of politicians);
- business (personnel, marketing, advertising, PR);
- providing psychological and educational services to private entrepreneurship (psychological counseling, conducting social and psychological trainings).