Department of Information Technology

Georgy Aseev

Head of Department,
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Phone: (057) 731-32-82
E-mail: gaseyev@ic.ac.kharkov.ua

In the conditions of informatization of society and development of the information market, the Department educates professionals able to use new information technologies in electronic document management systems, particularly in the field of e-commerce and business.

The documentalist's activities are aimed at developing and modernizing the information infrastructure of administration and electronic services in culture, art, education, science and social sphere.

Main areas of the documentalist's professional activities:
- management and organization of information support of activities of state institutions, cultural establishments and archives;
- organization and administration of information-documentary and archival systems and databases;
- development and maintenance of electronic records management systems and electronic archives in any institution;
- introduction of web technologies to organize work of information systems of personnel record keeping in HRM activities;
- conducting patent information search and monitoring for intellectual property protection services;
- creating information retrieval systems and databases in archives;
- development and support of websites and web pages in institutions and organizations;
- administering professional web communications on computer networks and in online distance learning systems.