Department of History, Museum Studies and Historic Preservation

Anatoliy Shcherban

Head of Department,
Doctor of Cultural Studies

Phone: (057) 712-13-88
E-mail: kafistxdak@ukr.net

The main areas of research at the department:
- modern advances in the field of museology and historic preservation;
- topical issues in museum pedagogy;
- development of cultural tourism and organization of excursion activities;
- integration of real estate objects into modern life.

During the course of learning students take part in:
- archaeological excavations,
- educational projects,
- archival work,
- excursions,
- organizing and conducting competitions,
- television broadcasts,
- scientific conferences and seminars,
- programs for the promotion of heritage sites,
- volunteer projects,
- conducting excursions,
- creation and maintenance of exhibition projects,
- development of new tourist routes,
- organization of international and national festivals,
- information support for socio-cultural projects.

Career opportunities:
- Exposition designer
- Museum educator
- Museum historian
- Museum guide
- Museum researcher
- Expert in the acquisition of museum and exhibition stock
- Exhibit curator
Organizing antique and collection activities:
- Expert appraiser of museum values
- Expert consultant on cultural and historical values
- Museum manager
- Manager of museum projects
- Curator of cultural and exhibition activities
- Specialist in the economic efficiency of museum institutions
- Museum director
- Head of department
Information and the media:
- Curator of cultural media projects
- Manager of information networks for historical and cultural content
Heritage preservation
- Manager of cultural heritage and tourism
- Researcher in cultural heritage and tourism
- Curator of museumification projects
- Organizer of excursions
- Tour guide
- Organizer of school local lore,museums
- Teacher of museum, local lore and heritage studies
- Curator of cultural and educational programs
- Educator-organizer
- Lecturer