Department of Management of Culture and Social Technologies

Albert Tserkovnyi

Head of Department,
Cand. of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor

Phone: (057) 731-35-19

The Department of Management of Culture and Social Technologies is the first and one of the few specialized educational and scientific-practical centers in Ukraine for educating professionals in Management of Socio-Cultural Activities.

Management of Culture is an innovative educational project that makes use of Ukrainian and world experience in the development of social and humanitarian technologies aimed at supporting and developing modern cultural industries.

The manager of sociocultural activities is the initiator and organizer of sociocultural projects and programs. Representatives of this profession are characterized by adequate perception of cultural processes, the ability to think creatively, to act independently and promptly in non-standard situations and the ability to mobilize the necessary resources to put their ideas into practice.

The curriculum provides an up-to-date knowledge of the economics and management of culture, finance, law, marketing, fundraising, and cultural policy. Students acquire skills in defining cultural strategies, sociocultural planning and design, finding partners in creative startups, team building and human resource management, communications management and project information support.

Bachelor's Degree Program: Culture Management and Social Marketing
Master's degree program: Management of Socio-Cultural Projects and Programs.

The professional structure of the department has made it possible to modernize the content and forms of the initial process in accordance with changes in the labor market and requirements for a specialist in the following areas:
- Event management;
- Management of leisure and recreational activities;
- Art management;
- Management of cultural industries;
- Management of the media and mass communications.

Career opportunities: advertising, marketing and PR-agencies, IT-centers, government bodies, educational and research institutions, consulting agencies, media, production centers and studios, news agencies and the media, museums, galleries and art centers, theaters, music venues, event agencies.

Courses taught at the department:
 Socio-cultural activities (theory and practice)
 Management of socio-cultural activities
 Fundamentals of marketing in the socio-cultural sector
 Cultural industries
 Economy of Culture
 Economics and pricing in the media
 Socio-cultural design
 Management of socio-cultural projects
 Branding
 Conflictology and Conflict Management
 Organizational culture and communications
 Marketing and advertising in the social media
 Marketing research in advertising and PR  Integrated marketing communications in the socio-cultural sector
 Administration of public organizations
 Theory of mass communication
 Theory of advertising and PR
 Social marketing
 Event management: theory and practice
 Theory and practice of art-management
 Sociology of public opinion
 Technologies of formation of public opinion
 Sociology of Art
 Culture of the media and mass communication
 Management of the media
 Psychology of the media
 Rhetoric
 Ethics and etiquette of business communication
 Exhibition management
 Organizing relations with the authorities
 Fundamentals of socio-cultural entrepreneurship
 Negotiation: theory and practice
 Training in communication skills
 Critical thinking
 Methods of social research
 Management of decision-making methods
 Management of socio-cultural projects
 Cross-cultural management and business communications management
 Corporate culture and ethics of professional activities
 Forecasting and strategic planning of activities of socio-cultural institutions
 Innovative strategies in contemporary socio-cultural management
 Modern communication models in socio-cultural activities
 Competitive marketing in socio-cultural activities
 Presentation technologies
 Sponsoring and fundraising
 Propaganda and counter-propaganda