Department of Culturology

Georgy Pankov

Head of Department,
Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor

Phone: (057) 731-35-19

The mission of the department is to stimulate intellectual strategies of cultural innovation.

Bachelor’s degree program: Fundamental and Applied Cultural Studies.

Master’s degree program: Contemporary Cultural Studies.

The professional structure of the department makes it possible to provide education in the following areas:
- Culturology and regional studies
- Art and organization of creative activity
- History of culture and anthropology
- Social and political culture
- Intercultural communication and conflictology
- Culture of media and social communications.

The department offers the following postgraduate and doctoral programs: Theory and History of Culture, Ukrainian Culture.

Career opportunities: Our graduates work as researchers, teachers of culturology, history of world and national culture, as well as in government bodies, as specialists in socio-cultural design, consultants and analysts in public organizations and commercial institutions.

Courses taught at the department:
 Introduction to culturology
 History of primitive culture
 History of the Ancient World Culture
 History of Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
 History of medieval culture of Byzantium and the Arab-Muslim world
 History of Western Europe in the Middle Ages and Late Middle Ages
 The history of culture of the 17th – 18th centuries.
 The history of culture of the 19th - 20th centuries.
 History of world culture
 Ethnic culture
 Social (cultural) anthropology
 Historical anthropology
 History of Ukrainian Culture
 Folk art
 The fine arts traditions of Europe
 Culture of everyday life
 Methods of text analysis and interpretation
 Theory of Culture
 Biblical Studies
 Religious culture and history of religious ideas
 Mass culture: history and theory
 Sociology of Culture
 Modern urban subcultures
 Practical ethnology
 International cultural relations
 Byzantium of the 7th-9th centuries: an epoch, life, mentality
 Life and social consciousness of Western Europeans of the 10th-15th centuries.
 Everyday life of Europeans of the 17thI-20th centuries.
 Fundamentals of the typology of culture
 Basics of semiotics
 Visual culture
 Media culture
 Theories of identity
 Semiotics of culture
 Hermeneutics of culture
 Culture of scientific research
 Archeological practice
 Ethnological practice
 Museum-excursion practice
 Postmodern culture
 Philosophical Anthropology
 Strategies of Postmodern History
 Dynamics of cultural identities
 Paradigms of contemporary cultural studies
 Methodology of cross-cultural research
 Internet resources on the history of culture and art
 Basics of scientific editing and peer review
 Topology of intercultural interaction in the conditions of globalization
 Strategies of modern cultural policy
 Historiography of the history of world culture
 Theory and practice of contemporary sociocultural studies
 Methodology of analysis and critique of the text
 Methods of cultural analysis of works of art