Department of Journalism

Victoria Markova

Head of Department,
Professor, Doctor of Science in Social Communications, Professor

Phone: (057) 731-35-19

The mission of the department of journalism is to introduce a new professional strategy aimed at creating a modern information and communication environment for social innovation and forming a positive image of culture.

Bachelor’s degree programs:
- Advertising and public relations in the socio-cultural sector
- Social and cultural journalism

Master's degree program:
- Journalism

Social and cultural journalism is an innovative educational project that has no analogues in Ukraine yet. The aim of the program is to formulate a holistic strategy for the use of journalism in actualizing socially significant aspects of culture. The program’s mission is to develop the cultural competence and communicative abilities of the future journalist as well as the ability to think critically, to solve complex social and humanitarian problems taking into account the specifics of the media environment.

Advertising and public relations in the socio-cultural sector is a new educational area in Ukraine. A cultural advertiser is not just an intermediary in the relationship between the developers and consumers of cultural products; moreover, he/she is an equal participant in the process of molding cultural values. In the process of study, emphasis is placed on the socio-cultural and psychological aspects of advertising technologies and public relations.

Studying Journalism, students have the opportunity to master modern information and communication technologies, methods of media analysis and communication management.

Career opportunities: journalist, reporter, advertiser, public relations specialist, editor, art director, image-maker.

Courses taught at the department:
 Web design
 Exhibition activity
 Advertising design
 Discourse analysis
 Ethics and professional standards of journalistic activity
 Foreign advertising and PR
 Internet journalism
 History of foreign journalism
 History of Public Relations
 Advertising History
 History of Ukrainian Journalism
 Communication technologies
 Copywriting
 Creative management in advertising
 Marketing research in advertising and PR
 Media Planning
 Methods of media content analysis and media criticism
 Methods of journalistic investigation
 Organization of activities of mass media and methods of informational work of journalist
 Organization of the press service
 Organization of work of advertising and PR-agency
 Fundamentals of media culture
 Basics of Artistic Advertising Modeling
 Editing in the media
 Rhetoric and Speechwriting
 Media theory
 Theory and methodology of media research
 Theory and methodology of journalistic creativity
 Theory and practice of video journalism
 Theory and Practice of Newspaper Production and Press Journalism
 Theory and practice of journalistic activity
 Theory and Practice of Audio Journalism
 Theory of work and text
 Technologies of PR-activity
 Technologies of PR-activity in socio-cultural sphere (practicum)
 Technologies of journalistic activity in the socio-cultural sphere (workshop)
 Media activities technologies
 PR project management
 Management of advertising projects
 Communication management
 Media culture of modern society
 Media analysis and methodology of media research
 Workshop on media technologies (multimedia systems and technologies; media content management; media planning)
 Theory and history of social communications
 Theory and methodology of journalistic activity
 Media project management