Oleksandr Kravchenko

Dean of the Faculty,
Doctor of Culturology, Professor

Phone: (057) 731-35-19

The Faculty of Culturology includes the following departments:
- Department of Journalism
- Department of Culturology
- Department of Management of Culture and Social Technologies

Today the Faculty of Culturology Studies is one of the top centers of education and research in this area in Ukraine. It provides a holistic concept of education in cul;turology in the following fields of study:
Culturology (Bachelor’s, Master’s)
Management of socio-cultural activitie» (Bachelor’s, Master’s)
Journalism (Bachelor’s)
Management (Master’s)

The duration of undergraduate course is 4 years, and 1,5 years for postgraduate students.

Bringing together a wide range of fields of study in one faculty is in line with the contemporary trend in education, namely employing an interdisciplinary approach in teaching disciplines related to culture.

The Faculty offers the following postgraduate and PhD programs in Culturology: Theory and History of Culture; Ukrainian Culture.

More than 26 full-time teachers are engaged in the educational process, including: 1 Member of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine, 7 Doctors of Sciences, 15 Candidates of Sciences.

The mission of the faculty is to ensure innovative development in the socio-cultural sector, educating professionals able to initiate, create and implement new social and cultural projects.

The faculty members adhere to the partnership principles of organization of educational environment based on:
- professionalism and democracy of teachers,
- motivation and interest of students,
- mobility and systematic learning strategies.